Air Spade Image

Air Spade

Air Excavation Tool for Arboricultural, Landscaping, Utility, and Construction applications.

Blower, Lawn  Image

Blower, Lawn

The Little Wonder blowers sits 2" off the ground with 25 sq inches of air stream will ensure leaves and debris are blown away.

Brush Clearing Saw Image

Brush Clearing Saw

Accommodates a saw blade for cutting smaller trees and bushes, a grass blade with support cup for mowing heavy grass and a trimmer head. 

Chipper 12" Image

Chipper 12"

12" diameter capacity, the 150 can be used for large bundles of brush or small trees, as well as for larger tree takedowns. 

Mantis Tiller Image

Mantis Tiller

 This light-duty tiller is perfect for small plots and raised beds. It is lightweight with handle bars balanced for a long reach into garden beds.

Mower Field Image

Mower Field

The Merry Commercial rough terrain mower is built for mowing the over grown grass and weeds with the wide 26 inch deck. 

Overseeder  Image


Self propelled 22" wide overseeder has an 11-blade slicing reel that floats along contours of yards increasing seed to soil contact improving germination rates.

Pole Saw Image

Pole Saw

The versatile cutter head makes it easy to reach even dense trees and bushes without using a ladder or skylift. 

Pole Saw/Pruner Image

Pole Saw/Pruner

Power Powers provide extra long reach for fast, easy and safe tree pruning in those hard-to-get-at applications.

Power Broom Image

Power Broom

Make your spring driveway cleanup as easy as possible. Power Brooms use rubber paddles to sweep dirt and debris from lawns and pavement.

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